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Freedom from Assault is every Person's Basic Right

If you are abused by your partner: It is not your fault.
You are not alone. It happens to many women.
There are people who offer help and support.
You can share your feelings and not be isolated from others.

You did not cause the abuse. You have choices: To change the situation.
To raise your children free from fear.
To share your feelings and not be isolated.

We care about you. We can help you explore your choices.
Call your local crisis line: 436-4552 or 1-800-223-8066.

If you are calling the police for assistance for yourself and/or an abused woman, tell them: If there is a life in danger.
If there are weapons involved.
If there have been any injuries.
If there are children present.

Feel free to use the crisis line if you need more information: 436-4552 or 1-800-223-8066.

If you know someone whom you think is abused, you can help:
Show her respect.
Listen to her, be supportive and understanding.
Explain to her that ignoring the beatings is dangerous;
that the attacks usually get more severe as time goes on.
Do not be judgmental.
Let her know she is not alone.
Assault is a CRIME.

If you think you may be an assaulting partner: You are not the only one.
You do not have to behave this way. You can learn
other ways of expressing anger and frustration.
If your partner leaves you it is because she is afraid for her safety,
not necessarily because she no longer loves you.
You are responsible for your actions.
Your children are affected by your behavior.
Ignoring an assault is dangerous.
Apologizing is not enough. Talk to someone and get help for yourself.