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Calcasieu Women's Shelter accepts donations of time, money, and resources needed for women and children to begin a life free from violence. To make donations of your time see Volunteers page. To make donations of items or money see below.

Cash Donations:

Donations of cash may be sent to:

Calcasieu Women's Shelter
P.O. Box 276,
Lake Charles, LA 70602

A letter of thanks will be mailed to the giver. This letter can be used as a receipt for tax purposes.

Memorial Gifts:

To make a contribution to Calcasieu Women's Shelter or Rape Crisis Outreach, mail a check or money order to Calcasieu Women's Shelter with an explanatory note. Please designate the person or persons being remembered and the person to whom an acknowledgement should be sent. A thank you letter will be sent for every gift.

Calcasieu Women's Shelter Wish List:

One way you can support the shelter is by donating needed resources to the Shelter. To make a donation call 436-4552.

Household Items
Small Appliances: Coffeemakers,
Can Openers, Toasters, Irons;
Heavy Duty Pots and Pans,
Twin Bed Linens, Clocks,
Vacuum Cleaners,
Fluorescent light bulbs
  Children's Needs
School Uniforms, New Underwear,
T-shirts, Shorts, Pajamas, Strollers,
Diapers: large and x-large,
School Supplies, Art Supplies

Personal Items
new items only, please
Curling Irons,
Hair Dryers, Brushes, Make-up,
Hair Products, Perms,
Nail Polish Care Kits,
Perfume, Powder, Lotion
Sofas, Chairs, Rugs,
Mattresses, Beds, Cribs,
Tables and Chairs,
Chests, Dressers, Bookcases

Rape Crisis Outreach Wish List:

To make a donation call 494-7273.

New Women’s Underwear, Socks
Large Scrub Tops & Bottoms
Dental Care Travel Kits
Brushes, Combs, Travel Size Tissues

Educational Program’s Wish List:

To make a donation call 436-4552.

Learning Supplies
3 Ring Binders, Folders,
Printer/Copier Paper, Construction Paper,
CD-RW, Crayons, Markers,
Stickers (Good Job, Stars, etc.),
Childproof Scissors, Tape, Glue Sticks,
Additional Art Supplies,
Resume Paper,
Cable Payments (approx. $30 a month).

Office Size Copy Machine
Teaching tools FOR ALL AGES (tapes, books, research tools)
Visual Aides (Maps, Atlas, Globes…) FOR MULTIPLE AGES
Research Tools (Adult/Picture/ Other levels of Dictionaries, Thesaurus…)
Science Kits (Biology, Chemistry, Microscopes…) FOR MULTIPLE AGES
Classic Books, Tapes
Periodicals for Professionals, to help the teacher with lesson plans or other information.
Subscriptions to relevant magazines, interesting to the children.

Cell Phone Donation Program:

Our cell phone fundraiser program is sponsored by Shelter Alliance, a program of cell phone recycling company GRC Wireless Recycling Through Shelter Alliance, nonprofit organizations raise funds through the collection & recycling of used cell phones, and businesses & consumers donate & recycle cell phones to benefit nonprofit participants.

Calcasieu Women's Shelter is a tax-exempt organization and is a 501C3 organization under the IRS.

Privacy Policy

Calcasieu Women's Shelter does not share any information about donors with anyone outside of the organization. Information collected by Calcasieu Women's Shelter includes only donors' names and addresses and is used for the purpose of letters of thanks and possible future mailings concerning Shelter events.